Chandler / McGregor UFC 300 Speculation

Michael Chandler
Key Highlights:
  • Michael Chandler’s Inactive Year: Awaiting a potential fight with Conor McGregor.
  • McGregor’s UFC Return: Speculations of a comeback fight at UFC 300.
  • Uncertainty in Fight Scheduling: Chandler expresses frustration over the delayed timeline.

Michael Chandler began 2023 with high hopes of facing Conor McGregor, but as the year concludes, he’s facing the first inactive year of his professional MMA career. The Chandler / McGregor UFC 300 speculation continues to be a hot topic in the MMA community.

Chandler’s Frustration Over McGregor’s Timeline

Chandler expressed his feelings of frustration and anticipation on The MMA Hour. He acknowledged the thrill of competing and the challenges of training without a confirmed fight date. Despite the uncertainty, Chandler remains optimistic, drawing parallels to his journey to the UFC and the eventual opening of opportunities.

McGregor’s Possible UFC Return and Fight Delays

Conor McGregor, 35, and Chandler, 37, initially expected to meet in 2023 following their involvement in The Ultimate Fighter 31. However, McGregor’s comeback has been delayed. He voiced frustration over his extended absence since his injury against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. McGregor’s re-entry into the UFC’s drug-testing pool sets a possible return for April 2024, aligning with UFC 300.

Chandler’s Readiness and McGregor’s Training Updates

Chandler teased an announcement prior to his appearance on The MMA Hour, leading to speculation about the potential McGregor fight at UFC 300. Despite the lack of confirmation, Chandler stays focused on training for the anticipated matchup. He remains observant of McGregor’s training progress and is prepared to meet him in the octagon.

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