Dana White Criticizes UFC Austin’s Stoppage

Bobby Green vs Jalin Turner
Key Highlights:
  • UFC President Dana White criticizes referee Kerry Hatley’s decision in the Turner vs. Green fight.
  • Jalin Turner’s victory over Bobby Green marred by late stoppage.
  • MMA community reacts to one of the most controversial stoppages in UFC history.

In a recent uproar within the MMA community, UFC President Dana White Criticizes UFC Austin’s Stoppage, specifically the referee’s decision in the Jalin Turner vs. Bobby Green bout. The match ended controversially, sparking widespread discussion and concern over referee stoppages in the sport.

Dana White’s Harsh Critique of Referee’s Decision

In the post-fight press conference, Dana White didn’t mince words when discussing Kerry Hatley’s handling of the co-main event. Describing it as “one of the worst I’ve ever seen,” White joined a chorus of voices expressing dismay over the late stoppage in Jalin Turner’s first-round knockout against Bobby Green.

The Controversial Moment in Turner vs. Green

The controversy unfolded when Turner landed a right hand on Green, leading to a series of undefended blows. The referee’s delay in intervening has been widely criticized, not only by Dana White but also by UFC commentators and fighters. Daniel Cormier called it “one of the absolute worst stoppages in MMA history,” highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

Jalin Turner’s Reaction to the Referee’s Call

Turner himself, while victorious, expressed confusion over Hatley’s hesitation. Acknowledging the tough nature of his opponent, he emphasized the importance of fighter safety and expressed relief at Green’s relatively stable condition post-fight.

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