Tsarukyan Critiques Bobby Green UFC Austin Incident

Arman Tsarukyan
Key Highlights:
  • Tsarukyan’s Reaction to Green’s Knockout: Unsympathetic view of the extra punches during UFC Austin.
  • Background of Tsarukyan-Green Feud: Tensions escalated due to pre-fight interactions.
  • Tsarukyan’s Dismissal of a Potential Bout: Regards a fight with Green as below his level.

Arman Tsarukyan has expressed a blunt lack of sympathy for Bobby Green following his knockout at UFC Austin. The Tsarukyan critiques Bobby Green UFC Austin incident has stirred discussions in the MMA community.

Tsarukyan’s Take on the Controversial Stoppage

In the co-main event of UFC Austin, Green suffered a knockout at the hands of Jalin Turner, with referee Kerry Hatley criticized for allowing unnecessary extra punches. However, Tsarukyan, speaking on The MMA Hour, expressed satisfaction over the extended stoppage, reflecting his disdain for Green and citing his fighter mentality.

The Feud Leading Up to UFC Austin

Tsarukyan’s animosity toward Green stemmed from confrontations during UFC Austin, which escalated into altercations involving their respective teams. Tsarukyan shared that Green’s derogatory comments about his fighting style fueled the tension. Despite the heated exchanges, Tsarukyan avoided further physical confrontations at the event.

Tsarukyan’s View on Fighting Green

Despite the apparent bad blood, Tsarukyan dismissed the idea of facing Green in a UFC bout. Following his victory over Beneil Dariush, Tsarukyan considers a match with Green, who lost at UFC Austin, as unworthy of his time. He labeled Green as a “trash fighter” and expressed interest in settling their dispute in a more unregulated setting, outside of UFC norms.

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